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Silence, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, healthy and conscious food

From June 12 to June 16, 2024.

The meditation and yoga practice you were seeking, comes to you. Stop running, surround yourself with peace. A silence, meditation and yoga retreat with me in a magic place Tepoztlán, Morelos.

19.900 MXN

Limited to 10 souls


In 3 years of exploring and attempting to meditate, I had never been able to reach a real meditative state without guidance, and with Inés I was able to do it from the first session. This course is a must for anyone who is looking to learn how to meditate for real. Inés guides you to dive into efficient and deep meditation techniques to reach a void state that is a true gift. In addition, as if the teaching of these invaluable techniques were not enough, during the duration of the course you have access to Inés, her guidance, her clarity and her firmness in each session. This course is a coaching + meditation intensive, all in one. My meditation practice did not exist before taking this course with Inés and now I find myself needing that space everyday more than any other.



Super grateful to Inés for everything I learned during these weeks! I learned how important meditation is for my mental, emotional and physical health (as much or even more than exercise and a balanced diet) but one always asks oneself the question: “Where do I start? Am I doing it right? I don't know how to meditate." After each session with Inés I ended up with a feeling of freedom. For the first time I fell that I am able to meditate without needing to "be guided" but rather I am my own guide. I learned a lot to connect with my body and the answers it has for me. Apart from teaching you meditation techniques, Inés listens to you and personally coaches you on areas to work on. 100% recommended!



For me Inés is a master of life, clear and sharp, as direct as kind and assertive, precise with great compassion. Inés listens to you from her soul and makes you see beyond what you’re capable of seeing for yourself so that you can take consciousness of your life situation without excuses or justifications. She shows you the way but you’re the one who does the work. Inés' therapies are like a wake up call for the soul, a balm for the heart and enlightenment for the mind. Thanks Inés for lighting my path and not letting me crumble to my fears.

Mariana Cymet


My process of personal growth actually started when I met Inés. She not only listened to me and saw through me perfectly, but she gave me the tools I needed to fight my battles. She taught me that I am capable of being disciplined and she gave me the best tool that a human being can have, meditation. She took me by the hand until I was able to fly. She was my rock for a year and now she's my emergency kit. I deeply appreciate her presence in my life.

Andreina Schutte


Hello everyone! Today my 8-week meditation course with my teacher @inescardelus comes to an end and a path of self-love and discovery begins. Thank you Inés for your support, your wisdom, your knowledge, your push, your magic, your medicine, your connection. You’ve truly changed my life and who I used to be. Your meditations have been the medicine that I needed so much and I didn't know I did. To all of those who are looking to connect with the deepest being and elevate their soul towards love and happiness, I recommend connecting with Inés and learning everything she has to offer. Very grateful, always!


San Francisco

Before my first session with Inés, I was deeply confused, I had just been diagnosed with cancer again and the doctors said there was no treatment. I was really skeptical about Inés' therapy, but as it turned out, she not only help me calm down but she made me realize that my illness was the way my body had to tell me something was off. In my next session with Inés, she helped me visualize a positive outcome and my mind was able to see it in the foreseeable future!.

Moisés Rayek


Inés, thank you very much for today’s session! I loved it. It did me a lot of good. Inés’ therapies and meditations are a before and after in anybody’s life. She not only teaches you to do it by yourself, but she shares resources with you so that you can dig deeper in the information. Her sessions are a constant integration of knowledge.

Paola Moschella


Inés' therapy truly changed my life. I suffered from anxiety and insomnia. I felt like I couldn't take it anymore. In a very short period time and in just a few sessions I am a different person. My life changed radically in a positive way. I have almost no anxiety and my vision of life is different. Total thanks.

Lili Ferro


I was going through an existential crisis, diagnosed with COVID, in a foreign country, on a trip that should’ve been perfect, and I had two choices: drown myself with depression or do something. And that's how Inés came to my life, she was super transparent, nice, kind, but very objective. In a couple of sessions and with a couple of tools, I went from being stuck in bed crying to realizing everything I had achieved.

Jorge Mori


Ines is the right person to teach you how to meditate. Although I am only beginning, still finishing the first course, her techniques have already helped me in different situations. And that is precisely what she is looking for, that you have the tools necessary to achieve balance in your daily life and also in any given difficult situation. It goes beyond just meditating. I recommend her 100%. One thing for sure, you just have to let yourself go!!

Fabiana Rodriguez


For me, Inés' therapy was a before and after, the changes are immediate on a physical, energetic and emotional level. What I like the most is the way she connects with you. His sincerity is just what you need to raise awareness and take action, unlike other therapies that only tell you what you want/expect to hear. Thank you Inés for helping me come back to myself when I get lost!

Nydia Cyment


I got to Inés in the midst of a deep crisis. Her therapy gave me greater clarity and awareness of my emotions, feelings and thoughts. And, the most profoundly relevant to me: I began to stop trying to control and started to trust, let flow, TRUST. A valuable and beautiful experience

Fernando Solís


Inés' therapy the ones that has helped me the most and above everything I liked it because it gives you tools to get out of your own way, to change your reality and to realize that everything is possible because everything is in your mind. I highly recommend it!

Sarah Adam


My experience with Inés has always been regenerative and magical, I have no doubt that she shines with her own light

Teresa Arana